Christine Wambiru
2 min readDec 13, 2022


Well hello there, on this day I sat down and told myself this year can’t end without me posting an article on here and so I thought why not do an INTRODUCTION as to who I am, what this blog page will be about and hopefully convince you to follow me on twitter and Medium😉

I was listening to a random video on social media and they asked a very important question. The question was, “Can you write about yourself without mentioning anything to do with your career?” Here I am doing it with you😄. You can comment down below and tell me about yourself

My name is Christine Wanjiru Wambiru, I am a go getter because my dreams must be achieved. Some of the things I enjoy doing is traveling (just don’t enjoy the fatigue part😅), listening to music, writing and as a person who enjoys their company too much i enjoy bonding with people it creates the balance for me.

Including my career now, I am currently a Tier 2 SOC Analyst. My responsibility in a nutshell is to investigate escalated incidents and determine whether they are a true or false positive/negative and determine the next steps forward. Apart from incident response , I also perform responsibilities such as use case development, SIEM deployment, threat intelligence, memory forensics.

Tier2’s are also known to be Incident Responders and this is now where I cover the why I started the blog. I want to perfect my incident response skills and I want to share this journey with the community. I hope to gain growth and consistency from this journey 😬😂

From my bio, you already guessed that the content will mostly be blue teaming stuff but I will also include red teaming stuff where applicable because why not and knowing how an attack can happen is beneficial to a blue teamer as it will help you identify loopholes and detection gaps in your environment.

I will also be sharing about my struggles, how I get through to the other side and not forgetting my wins (I don’t want you to think am miserable, do I?😂😂😂)

I hope to share this journey with you. To do so make sure you follow me on twitter https:// and on Medium Christine Wambiru . Also, remember to show some love by clapping or leaving a comment.

Always be kind